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Full text of "The Courts Of Europe V-Ii"

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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,    ETC.                327

We breakfasted and dined on deck when we
came to an anchor, enjoying the delicious cool air,
and the view of every estate and improvement,
marking the names on the map. At two o'clock
we anchored off the round hill of Naparisma,
before the little village of Petitbourg, which is
the shipping-place of many fine estates, with which
it communicates by means of a very fine road.

After dinner we went into a boat and entered
the river Guaracaro, which empties itself through
thickets of the mangrove-tree, the low boughs
and roots of which are loaded with oysters, very
delicate in taste.

We rowed up a mile in a deep channel,
darkened by huge trees, and at low water im-
passable from those which have fallen into the
water, and which sometimes form a foot-bridge
over it.

We ended our day's voyage at Union, Mr.
Macdonald's estate, a pleasant thatched house
and garden, embosomed in woods at the foot of
gentle eminences, and exhibiting the promising
appearance of progressive improvement.

The next day I spent with profit to my Flora.
The day after, we embarked on our river, in a
three-oared boat, with each our little bundle, and
proceeded along the coast in a south-westerly direc-